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Lubrication-free cleanroom-compatible plastic solutions for medical equipment

Lubrication-free, cleanroom-compatible, media-resistant, corrosion-free, low noise – these are crucial criteria for medical equipment components. igus polymer bearings and energy chains exactly possess these properties. Lubrication-free bearings are used in X-ray robots, laboratory devices, patients' chairs, hospital beds and prostheses, among other things. Maintenance-free energy chains are used for the protection and guidance of cables in e.g. operating theatre devices, rehabilitation systems and imaging diagnostic equipment.

Your advantages at a glance:

Lubrication-free and quiet

Lean assembly: easy installation


Failsafe cables with warranty

Integrated intelligence (smart plastics)

Strong and flexible

Low cost automation and robotics

High degree of safety and reliability in small installation spaces

No kinking or curling of supply cables during pendular movements with igus® energy chains

Diagram of automated resuscitation bags

Quick free samples and support

For the development of automated resuscitation bags

Due to the acute need for respirators worldwide and the development of new solutions for automating resuscitation bags (Ambu bags): igus quickly delivers free samples, components and further support.
We do not intend to make any profit with this offer. Instead, we want to help you find solutions quickly!

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Medical equipment white paper

Whitepaper: Automated pipetting equipment

Innovative plastic technology in modern analytics

Taking account of the specific requirements regarding medical equipment, precision and hygiene, on the one hand, and general economic aspects, productivity and the pressure of costs, on the other, manufacturers of medical equipment are always on the lookout for materials and solutions that they can use to make the very best dosing systems for their customers' wishes, which are becoming more and more complex. Polymer bearings from igus have crucial advantages that enable a reduction of weight, costs and the necessary installation space ...

Medical box

Order the free medical sample box!

Test our energy supply systems and bearing technology for medical equipment yourself; they improve the performance of your equipment and lower costs at the same time.

Plastic solutions for medical equipment

Medical furnishings

Medical furnishings

Frame adjustment mechanisms, electric and hydraulic actuators for adjusting functions.

Dental equipment

Dental equipment

Dental X-ray systems, storage surfaces and device holders, movement of treatment units.

Surgery equipment and devices

Surgery equipment and devices

Lamps, moveable device holders, comfort seating systems and mobile/stationary eye-testing devices.



Scissor-type mechanisms, adjustable trays or chassis components.

Operating theatre

Operating theatre

Tables, lamps, plug-in devices and monitor carriers.

Prostheses & ortheses

Prostheses & ortheses

Hand prostheses, prosthesis joints and arm prostheses.

Application examples of our customers

X-ray robots

Safe and reliable guidance of cables when they have to move in small circles

Energy chains from the twisterchain series are used in X-ray robots of the company Buck Engineering & Consulting GmbH. twisterchain enables safe and reliable cable guidance in the case of rotations through up to 540°.

MRI machines

Non-magnetic components for MRI applications

iglidur® H1 bearings, linear technology and lead screw technology are used in MRI machines as they are not ferromagnetic and are impervious to methods of cleaning and sterilisation.

Therapy couch

Make bearing points wear-resistant cost-effectively

iglidur® G bearings are extremely robust and withstand frequent adjustment of the couch without any problems occurring. Due to their material composition, they do not require lubrication and are also corrosion-free and maintenance-free.


Costs lowered by 93% and assembly time shortened

Metal bearings with stainless-steel shafts used for this decanter centrifuge led to high costs incurred due to material wear, maintenance and lubrication. After iglidur® bearings were installed, the manufacturer was able to reduce the costs by 93% and shorten the assembly time by 10 minutes.

Tested for cleanroom compatibility and wear resistance

Test: Cleanroom compatibility

Test: Cleanroom suitability

Test: Pivoting wear rate

Test: Wear resistance

Products frequently used in medical, laboratory and rehabilitation technology

E2 mini

E2 mini

Easy to fit

Small pitch for silent operation

High torsional resistance

Diverse means of interior separation

Measuring system cable

chainflex® CF11.D

No unscheduled downtimes

36 month guarantee

Oil resistance: oil-resistant (acc. to DIN EN 50363-10-2)

Plain bearing iglidur® G1

Plain bearing iglidur® G1

Two times longer service life at high loads.

Long-term service temperature +180°C

50% less moisture absorption

Pressfit up to +120°C

bar stocks iglidur® A350

Bar stocks

Operating temperature up to +180 °C

Comply with the requirements of the FDA

For medium to high loads

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free

Lead screw technology

Lead screw technology

Lower costs by up to 40%

Media resistant

Quiet and vibration dampening due to the radius tooth design

Service life can be calculated online

drylin® linear guides

drylin® linear technology

Lubrication and maintenance-free



Clean & hygienic

Plastic ball bearings

xiros® plastic ball bearings

Save money and installation space



Lubrication-free and 60% lighter

3D printing service

Configure gears

Configure gear wheels online

Simple, fast & cost-effective

High wear resistance

Ready in 1 to 3 days

robolink® modular kit

robolink® modular kit

Build or buy low-cost robots

Combination of robolink® joints and motors is possible

Modular approach

Low cost

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Para menos 95% de desgaste.

Desporto, fitness e reabilitação

Leves, silenciosos e isentos de lubrificação.