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Calhas articuladas multieixos para robôs - triflex® R

In three-dimensional applications, rotating and pivoting movements are part of everyday life. Energy chains are required here, which safely guide and protect robot cables. The three-dimensional energy chain triflex R (TRE, TRC, TRL) has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots. High tensile force absorption and high flexibility allow a twisting of approx. ± 10° per chain link in the longitudinal axis. Compared to a cable protective hose, the three-dimensional triflex R chain offers a defined bend radius, which enormously increases the service life of the cables and hoses.
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Procuro um sistema de calhas articuladas para os eixos 2-6 num robô industrial, e também peças sobressalentes ou acessórios para guiar cabos ou mangueiras em segurança no robô.
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Innovations overview

Aqui encontrará os mais recentes produtos e melhorias de produtos no campo da robótica.
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10 dicas para o fornecimento de energia a robôs

From choosing the right three-dimensional chain to the ready-to-use robot in ten steps

This guide shows you step by step how to select, install, and commission an energy supply system for axis 3-6 of an industrial robot. 
The first points are dedicated to the positioning of the cable and hose package and the selection of the right three-dimensional chain. Then you choose the appropriate retraction system. 
Helpful tips on assembly and a final checklist complete the 10-point package and provide step-by-step instructions for amateurs as well as professionals.    
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Free robotics box

What igus offers in the field of industrial robotics

The free robotics box gives you an overview of the products and options that igus offers in the field of industrial robotics. 
Included: one chain link of each of the five triflex R chain types, in different sizes. 
The box also contains a flyer with further information about the SCARA Cable Solution and cable guides on the cobot.

Products included in the box:

TRX | revoluciona as calhas articuladas para robôs

Telescopic and twistable combined in a three-dimensional chain

  • The TRX complements the functions of the triflex R series and now also makes them telescopic
  • Due to their patented design, the chain links of the TRX allow a length compensation of up to 36% to one another without losing the connection or the torsion resistance.
  • The rubber band inside the TRX retracts the links back to their starting point and the retraction force can be adjusted via the rubber band 
  • Weight reduction of up to 83% compared to a solution with a retraction system (RSP)
  • The TRX design study is currently 100% compatible with the TRE.60.087.0.B, other chain sizes will follow.
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Finally also for multi-axis and industrial robots ...

... i.Sense TR.B for intelligent condition monitoring

Robots have long been indispensable in many areas of industrial manufacturing – bb welding, painting, soldering, and palletising: industrial robots are becoming dynamic. A flexible 3D energy chain such as the triflex® R from igus® makes it possible to guide robot cables safely. To detect potential chain breaks due to extreme loads in good time and avoid unplanned machine breakdowns, igus has developed i.Sense TR.B, the world's first breakage monitoring system for multi-axis energy chains. 
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Amostra gratuita TRL e TRLF

Leves, económicas, flexíveis, com abertura

  • See the product quality of the light 3D energy chain for yourself
  • The sleeve provides additional product information that is not immediately detectable
Sample components: 
  • 5 chain links TRL.60.087.0
  • 4 chain links TRLF.65.100.0.B
  • 1 light mounting bracket with strain relief TL.60.01.Z1
Peça uma amostra da calha articulada TRL/TRLF

Amostra gratuita das calhas TRC e TRE

robustas, com elevada força de tração, fechadas ou abertas

  • Discover our product quality for yourself
  • The sleeve provides additional product information that is not immediately detectable
Sample components: 
  • 5 chain links TRE.50.080.0.B
  • 4 chain links TRC.50.080.0
  • 1 mounting bracket with strain relief TR.50.01
Peça uma amostra da calha articulada TRC/TRE

Energy supply for Scara robots

SCARA cable solution

SCARA cable solution
  • Nominal hose width 29mm (inside)
  • Size 23 & 36mm in planning  
  • Backbone for cable guidance on Scara robots
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Rotary mounting
  • For increasing the service life of corrugated hoses used for Scara robots.
SCARA Cable Solution (standard)

Clean SCARA Cable Solution

Clean SCARA Cable Solution
  • Suitable for cleanroom according to IPA certificate ISO Class 2
  • Safer guidance of cables and hoses in cleanroom
  • e-skin® soft is easy to fill
  • All components can be individually replaceable retrofitted
  • Rotary mounting
  • Over 2,000,000 test cycles have been carried out at the igus® cleanroom test laboratory 
Clean SCARA Cable Solution
Mangueira corrugada vs. triflex R

Mangueira corrugada vs. calha articulada R triflex: a comparação

There is a competition between the corrugated hose and the 3D drag chain to protect the cable. 

In eight short videos, we pitted the two products against one other in various disciplines or rounds. 

However, apart from the colour and external shape, they have little in common. 

See for yourself.
Comparação da mangueira corrugada vs. triflex R

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