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igus® energy chains and plastic plain bearings for agricultural engineering

8 times longer service life for agricultural machinery by the use of plastic plain bearings

Especially in agricultural applications, you need solutions that can stand up to rough conditions, such as dirt, dust, heat, shock and edge loads. igus® makes this possible with its energy chains and plastic bearings that are characterised by their outstanding resilience and long service life. These products are used for instance in tractors, disc harrows, fertilisers, hay rakes, field sprayers, seed drills and other agricultural equipment. In many applications, metallic bushings or recirculating ball bearing guides can be replaced by lubrication free polymer plain bearings. We would like to show you how to improve your technology and save costs at the same time.

Your advantages with igus® polymer plain bearings and energy chains:

Dry-running and corrosion-resistant

Resistant to dust and dirt

High mechanical stability

Vibration dampening

Compensation of misalignment and deflections

Easy installation

Longer life

Dirt-resistant iglidur® plain bearings for agricultural machinery


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Sample box agricultural engineering  

You are interested in our products for agricultural machines, but would like to see them yourself first before making a final decision?Then you are welcome to order the free sample box for agricultural machinery.  Now order for free!

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free igus® plastic plain bearings and energy chains for agricultural machines

iglidur® G plain bearings  
iglidur® G plain bearings


Resistance to dust and dirt

High wear resistance

iglidur® Q290 bearings  
iglidur® Q290 bearings

For heavy duty applications

Resistant to edge loads

Temperature resistant up to +140 °C in continuous operation

iglidur® plain bearings Z  
iglidur® plain bearings Z

Extremely long service life under extreme conditions

For extreme loads

High thermal resistance

igubal® spherical bearings  
igubal® spherical bearings

Corrosion resistant

Maintenance-free and self lubricating

Chemically resistant

drylin® linear plain bearings  
drylin® linear plain bearings


Lightweight and quiet

Simple installation and maintenance-free

Series E2/000 energy chain  
Series E2/000 energy chains

Fast assembly

High strength and quiet operation.

Various fastening options

Your component made to your design in the desired quantity and material

Various customised bearings made by igus® to your specific requirements  

Individual solutions are just as much part of the igus® product range as standard parts. Our experts match the choice of the manufacturing process and the component material precisely to your needs. The right material for your purposes is selected from a wide range of wear-resistant and maintenance-free high-performance polymers.

Tested for heavy load and wear resistance

Front loader

Lubrication-free plain bearings in the pivot load test with a maximum load of 500 kg.


8 times longer service life in agricultural machinery by the use of wear-resistant plastic plain beaings.


igus® products in use in the agricultural industry

Here, you can see some examples of our customers' applications.
AXIS application  
More than 10 years of service life under heavy load

Vibration dampening and load-bearing clevis joints used in a fertiliser spreader AXIS 50.1 W. Realised to date: more than 10 years of service life at a temperature of -20°C and a block load of 4,000 N.

Application disc harrow  
Easy assembly and high service life

This disc harrow can easily be adapted to any width. The drylin® R liner used in the sliding bearing of the disc harrow is maintenance-free, precise, durable and very load-bearing, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

Application root ball transplanter  
Heavy load up to 15 tons possible

Maintenance-free and resistant to dust and dirt, the iglidur® G plain bearings are used in bale trimming machines of the company Optimal-Vetrieb Opitz GmbH.

Application cultivator Lemken  
Many years of successful cooperation

The company igus® has been successfully collaborating with the company Lemken, since 2008. Numerous devices from Lemken are equipped with igus® plain bearings, among others, the cultivator Karat 9

Application Maschio Gaspardo  
Without lubrication and cost-effective

The iglidur® Z plain bearing used in this planting machine was more cost-effective than the use of an axial bearing and is also dust-resistant, moisture-resistant and lubrication-free.

Application planting machine  
Maintenance-free and cost-effective

The company Agrobot based in Spain uses the igus® easy chain® energy chains for this harvester, which are maintenance-free and cost-effective.

igus® solutions in cabins

Resistant to dirt ... ideal wherever there are high loads and chemicals ...
Driver's cab  


iglidur® J bearings in mirror adjustment mechanisms


drylin® W guide carriages in motor adjustment mechanisms


drylin® W linear guides in backrest adjustment mechanisms


iglidur® G bearings in steering columns


triflex® 3D e-chain® in controls


igubal® double joints in hydraulic valve connections


drylin® W linear guides in backrest adjustment mechanisms


drylin® W linear guides in armrest adjustment mechanisms


E2 energy chain and chainflex® cables in seat adjustment mechanisms

White paper agricultural engineering  

White paper:

Service life maximisation of shafts and plain bearings for agricultural machines

One of the most common causes of failure and downtime in agricultural machinery lies in the wear of the shafts and bearings. You can learn in our white paper how you can avoid this problem with our lubrication-free plain bearings and increase the service life of shafts and plain bearings.

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